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Ft. Pierce Westwood BETA Club
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"Lead Us By Serving Others."

Club Officers:

RACHEL R. __ __- President (superstitions__)
VINCENT S. __ _- Vice-President (cool_guy_stalba)
CARLY H. _ ____- Treasurer (blazd_n_confusd)
ERIKA C.____ __- Secretary (no username)
SAMANTHA C.__- Historian (_____abigail__)
ERICA H.___ ___- Parlamentarian (no username)

JOIN: BETA club members are recommended to create a free Livejournal account so that they may reply under the form of a username as well as post in this community. Replies should be made with first name in the subject line if a non-user.

Fort Pierce Westwood High School’s
BETA Club 2005-2006 POLICY


BETA Club is not an organization about meetings. Meetings are an essential factor of BETA, but should be used means of communication for the intensive purpose of BETA; which is to be involved and active in the broadly defined community. BETA is a service organization. As you have demonstrated great effort and success in academics, the same should be said for your output into the community.

BETA officers will account for meeting attendance this year.

A number of meetings missed or attended will not be specified, but highly recommended that one attends as many meetings as possible and keep informed when having missed one.

If members fail to meet the requirements imposed by the club this year, unless due to otherwise explained circumstances, service hours from meeting attendance will be considered illegitimate.

Mandatory meetings MUST be attended as notified unless absences are explained in advance –or afterwards, if given unexpected and legitimate circumstance.

Events, Requirements, & Policy

This year, BETA club’s goal is to be more active in the communities of Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie, and within Westwood High School. As a result, planned service events will require attendance by all BETA members.

BETA club understands that students have other obligations and sometimes inconvenience, so as a result, attendance of these events will have minimum requirement standards;

BETA members must attend half of the events organized and deemed required during a semester. (i.e., two of four organized events will be required to attend per semester, if that many scheduled.)

Not having a ride is not a legitimate excuse for not meeting event attendance requirements. BETA club has drivers willing and ready to provide rides for Westwood’s members in all areas of Saint Lucie County for events of required attendance.

(If you are a licensed driver with a vehicle, and willing to provide carpool for given events, please contact officers or Mr. Judd. More information, such as gas, will be later discussed.)

If member(s) fail to meet minimum requirement for event attendance, members are responsible to make up for half of the service hours the event missed would be worth.

For example, if a member missed the last opportunity to attend an event in a semester, and had only attended one, while attendance required two, then they would have to volunteer for a legitimate service organization, outside of school, for half the value of the hours they missed in the last event. (i.e., the service event was worth 6 hours, the members would need to make up and document 3 hours on their own to compensate.)

** Service Required per Semester: 25 hours **

- Volunteering Class Hours DO NOT COUNT for BETA requirements, unless they are excess to the necessary 75 class service hour amount.

- Community service acquired through extracurricular activities may be used to meet BETA requirements, if necessary and when legitimately documented.