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Lost sleep.
by Rachel (kept____untied)
at September 21st, 2005 (12:30 am)
Current song: "Lipstick" // Buzzcocks

Fridays meeting covered as follows:

-NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 23rd, after school in Judd's room.

>Within the next month and a half -- HABITAT FOR HUMANITY on a Saturday morning at 8AM (unscheduled.) Painting, digging, nailing, etc. Requires parent signature on waivers. (*copies of waivers for ea. member) Specifics intended by next meeting.
>Fri./Sat., Nov 4th/5th - Treasure Coast Heart Walk in SLW community, Traditions. 6 AM until NOON. Also, clean-ups afterward? Decorating, breakfast set-up, organization. etc.

-Continuous BETA Clothes Drive; flyers & approval. Drop-offs as needed with clothes-collection status.

>Candy sold via COSTUME delivery (Candy-gram.)
>Needs approval by Admin. as well as need of costume ideas to have approved.

&THAT'S IT. Members need to pay their dues! $20.00, one-time fee.