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Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (superstitions__)
at November 18th, 2005 (12:08 am)

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Today I gave Ms. Greene the camera with Heart Walk pictures.

From Book Fest this weekend, I just have this one... And it says it all;

Everyone should tell Victor how good he looks the next time you see him.
Males in aprons are always appreciated.

Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (superstitions__)
at November 10th, 2005 (11:47 pm)

Tomorrow -- Habitat.

Saturday -- Bookfest.

Last week -- Heart Walk.

Soon... MSAA Fundraiser.

We're so good.

Rachel [userpic]
A lot of stuff.
by Rachel (superstitions__)
at October 19th, 2005 (01:43 pm)

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So, I'm in Judd's room right now... Thinking about BETA for the first time in a few days...

For those of you who didn't go, or even for those of you who did, Habitat was GREAT and those who showed up expressed interest in coming out again. I'm going to try and push this to be a once a month thing. If you stayed the whole time, keep in mind you earned 6 hours.

Coming up next is our Halloween Candy-gram fundraiser. Costumes are still in question... FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO DO THIS, PLEASE BRING IN YOUR COSTUMES THIS WEEK. We will be buying bulk amounts of candy this week from Sam's Club. Carly bought about 200 bags, Erika made dye-cuts of fall shapes for people to write their messages. Hopefully, next Friday (early dismissal) we will have a meeting to get the candy together. OH --- We need to get organized to start selling next week. So... looks like candy stuff is going to happen today or tomorrow. (for pricing, etc.)

After that, there's the Heart Walk on Saturday, Nov. 5th... and volunteering opportunities on the Friday, the 4th, before. On Friday, the times of volunteering need has not been specified, but there has been an interest for people to come out. SO -- I'm trying to get names and times for when and if you guys can come out on Friday. We can meet at the school and carpool... Saturday, plan on meeting at WW around 6:15 am. This event is in Saint Lucie West.

ALSO -- BOOK DRIVE. Planned on starting it this week, but with the recent overwhelming events at the school... I felt the need to put it off this week. There's no rush there. There is also a BOOK FEST, on November 12th, the week after the Heart Walk. This is the event we would be raising the books for. The Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization is willing to give us credit for hours that we take organizing and possibly pricing the books (yard-sale style) during our drive. They need volunteers badly the day of the Book Fest anytime from 8 - 5, if you have to leave early, that's fine. It's in Downtown Vero.

There's another idea, but it's not appropriate to be just thrown about in a blog or messanger, something we'll talk about in the next meeting or I'll talk to you about individually.

That's it for now. We're going to try and set another date for Habitat as well as look into the Multiple Schlerosis Association of America Fundraiser. Also, with the holiday season approaching, perhaps we can get involved at a food kitchen, even if just for a evening or two.

Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (superstitions__)
at October 7th, 2005 (08:58 pm)
Current song: "Evil" - Red House Painters

BETA - there was a meeting today. There are two members who I need contact information for, as they need to have waivers signed to participate in HABforHUM's "groundbreaking ceremony" site on the 15th. That's something I failed to mention ... I am going to have to get waivers to each of you, BETA members and officers, so that you have your parents sign them for the organization's record. I will have copies on Monday. Hopefully everything will work out by next Friday, so that as many members can come out as possible and their paperwork already processed. Also, if you're in BETA and have a few minutes, please fill out the Volunteer and Skills Assessment Form on-line at: http://www.stluciehabitat.org/images/volunteer.pdf

Also -- besides (1) waivers you'll get on Monday, and (2) the skills assessment you can get either on-line or Monday as well -- THAT NEED TO BE COMPLETED THAT NIGHT OR WILL HAVE TO BE BROUGHT DIRECTLY TO HABITAT's 2ND STREET OFFICE -- things in "the works" as of today's meeting:

- Continuous BETA Clothes-Drive [we need flyers, and I'll take care of an announcement once those start to circulate]

- Book Drive for Big Brothers, Big Sister Vero Beach Bookfest [I'll put up flyers next week, drop-off in Judd's and possibly, upon approval, the media center]

- MSAA Candy-Cane Fundraiser [for volunteer credit, orders will be placed soon, so that we can start in November and we have more information.]

- ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH, especially for those who cannot make it out the Heart Walk, the Vero Beach Book Festival, located in Downtown Vero at the Heritage Center Lawn, needs as many volunteers as possible and will certify service hours. This is a big event with literally truck-loads of books... and volunteer shifts are available from 8AM to 5PM - and even the whole day, if you can. That's 8 hours just for a day.

- AGAIN, the Heart Walk is in Tradition, 10489 SW Meeting Street, in Saint Lucie West on Saturday, November 4th, and volunteers are needed from 6AM-12AM that Saturday, as well as on Friday (on which, times and task information is pending.)

Other than that...
Remind your fellow members to bring their costumes into Judd's Room by next Friday so that administrative approval on costume-delivery is possible. Candy will be purchased via Sam's Club through Mr. Judd, myself, and possibly any other officer who's available to help pick/purchase. Calculations will be made this week.

& keep in mind the Renaissance Fair, in either February or March.

Vince [userpic]
by Vince (cool_guy_stalba)
at October 6th, 2005 (11:23 pm)

So when's our next meeting?

Samantha [userpic]
by Samantha (_____abigail__)
at September 25th, 2005 (09:14 pm)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

You know you wanna...Collapse )

Lost sleep.
by Rachel (kept____untied)
at September 21st, 2005 (12:30 am)
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Fridays meeting covered as follows:

-NEXT MEETING: Monday, September 23rd, after school in Judd's room.

>Within the next month and a half -- HABITAT FOR HUMANITY on a Saturday morning at 8AM (unscheduled.) Painting, digging, nailing, etc. Requires parent signature on waivers. (*copies of waivers for ea. member) Specifics intended by next meeting.
>Fri./Sat., Nov 4th/5th - Treasure Coast Heart Walk in SLW community, Traditions. 6 AM until NOON. Also, clean-ups afterward? Decorating, breakfast set-up, organization. etc.

-Continuous BETA Clothes Drive; flyers & approval. Drop-offs as needed with clothes-collection status.

>Candy sold via COSTUME delivery (Candy-gram.)
>Needs approval by Admin. as well as need of costume ideas to have approved.

&THAT'S IT. Members need to pay their dues! $20.00, one-time fee.

by Rachel (kept____untied)
at September 8th, 2005 (04:54 pm)

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Everyone look around for the "Just Another Nerd" posters for next week's meeting!
Anyway, to get things started:

Hello -
This is an informal, informative site intended for BETA members as a communication means and place to get caught up. It's like a typical website but YOU can interact! All you have to do is sign up for a *free* account and "Join" this community. Yup, that's it.

That's right! Meeting next Friday, the 16th.

If anyone has ideas about Hurricane Katrina Relief activities, please contact an officer or Mr. Judd. Or comment here. The big organizations are only accepting monetary donations so drives for food, clothes, and other supplies are very difficult -- any kind of information will help!

Some ideas as of now include an in-the-works clothes drive, a Bake Sale to raise money, or (when more information known) helping the County Fire Department's effort in collecting non-perishable foods.


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